Frank Gilhooley (Guardians of the Galaxy) I am delighted to tell you I have created a beautiful emotional 3 day Masterclass of deepest emotions, performance and comedy as well as some Question & Answer sessions with UK Agents and Casting Directors.
All actors will have to create and perform scenes together, and solo. They will all be immersed in a truly deep emotional journey, and they will meet their own precious young Wonder-child guide, and meditate and discover their true calling. They will also have to perform stand up comedy for us all to enjoy, as well as asking key questions to successful Casting Directors & Agents.

This class will help the students become the strongest version of themselves they could ever dream of.
This Masterclass will take place in English.

  • 8. Sept – 10. Sept 2022
  • 3-Day-Acting-Masterclass
  • 10:00 – 18:00 Uhr
  • 349 EUR
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