How can you thank someone who has provided some of the greatest moments of ones life? The cast, the rehearsals, and presentation of Macaire rank among the highest experiences of a long creative life. Not many get to boast of such triumph against the odds and very few friends backing our suit we came, we saw and we conquered.

In the memory of recall I only focus on the giving spirit of tremendous cooperation with Neil’s as the ring leader, we exposed our very souls to each other. I descended naked into the ring , face soaked with tears, pretense a history, and arrived at a place of connection with these people the cast and crew of Macaire. The humor we shared, the jokes, the laughter (corkscrew). The immense generosity in you and Christina to create this opportunity will not be forgot by any of us I assure you.

The surprises like Irene Ebel, the sacrifice of Neil’s as our musical leader and the strength of Julius and Marcel as our Actor powers if example, they established a template of success. The selfless giving of Carla who didn’t even get to act in the show yet contributed her very soul to its success. She actually loaned us money for costumes so that we could have some kind of costume. I know she will be reimbursed but still, the ability to engender that kind of spirit in Acting Students sets you and Christina apart, nay above,the rest.

You can tell it is I, Macaire who wrote this

Thank you cast for investigation iinto what is possible with talent, opportunity and most of all: love. You always have a home here in my heart. Thank you for creating some of the finest moments of my life. Thomas